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Spare Part TypeFuser Roller
BrandKonica Minolta
MaterialCarbon Steel
Packaging TypePacket
Automation GradeManual
I Deal InNew and Second Hand
Country of OriginMade in India

The clutch gear in Konica Minolta printers like the C1060L, 3070L, C2060L, C4065, and 1070 is a component involved in the operation of various mechanical parts within the printer. Here’s an overview of its function and how it relates to the printer’s mechanisms:
### Function of Clutch Gear:
1. **Mechanical Transmission**: The clutch gear is part of the mechanical transmission system within the printer. It helps transmit rotational motion from one part of the printer to another, such as from a motor to a roller or another gear.
2. **Control and Timing**: Clutch gears are often used to control the timing and engagement of different printer components. They can disengage and engage as needed to synchronize the movement of parts during printing, scanning, or paper handling processes.
### Common Issues and Maintenance:
1. **Wear and Tear**: Over time, clutch gears can wear out due to continuous use or become damaged. This can lead to issues such as paper feeding problems, paper jams, or unusual noises during operation.
2. **Maintenance**: Regular maintenance includes checking and lubricating clutch gears as per manufacturer recommendations. Cleaning them and ensuring they are free from debris can also help prevent issues.
3. **Replacement**: If a clutch gear becomes faulty or worn out, it may need to be replaced. It’s important to use genuine Konica Minolta replacement parts to ensure compatibility and reliable performance.
### Procedure for Replacement or Maintenance:
- **Turn off the printer**: Ensure the printer is powered off and unplugged from the power source.- **Access the affected area**: Open the printer’s panels or covers to access the clutch gear.- **Identify the gear**: Locate the clutch gear within the printer’s mechanical system.- **Replace or clean**: Depending on the issue, replace the gear with a new one if necessary, or clean it if there are signs of debris or wear.- **Testing**: After replacement or maintenance, test the printer to ensure that the issue has been resolved and that the printer functions correctly.
### Troubleshooting Tips:
- **Noises or Grinding**: If you hear unusual noises or grinding sounds during printer operation, it may indicate a problem with the clutch gear or related components.- **Consult the Manual**: Refer to the printer’s user manual or service manual for specific instructions on maintaining or replacing clutch gears and other mechanical components.
If you are experiencing specific issues with the clutch gear in your Konica Minolta printer models or need further assistance with maintenance, please provide more details about the problem you are encountering.

Lexmark 78C30K0 / Y0/ M0/ C0 Toner Cartridges

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Model Name/NumberBrands:LexmarkLexmark toner cartridge model:78c30k0Color:78C30C0 (1400 pages Cyan) 78C30M0 (1400 pag
Usage/ApplicationBrands:LexmarkLexmark toner cartridge model:78c30k0Color:78C30C0 (1400 pages Cyan) 78C30M0 (1400 pag
Product TypeToner Cartridge
Cartridge'S StatusFull
I Deal InNew Only

Minimum order quantity: 1 Set

Brands:LexmarkLexmark toner cartridge model:78c30k0Color:78C30C0 (1400 pages Cyan) 78C30M0 (1400 pages red) 78C30Y0 (1400 pages yellow) 78C30K0 (2000Drum structure:Powder boxApplicable device type:Laser printer all-in-one printerBrands:LexmarkLexmark toner cartridge model:78c30k0Color:78C30C0 (1400 pages Cyan) 78C30M0 (1400 pages red) 78C30Y0 (1400 pages yellow) 78C30K0 (2000Drum structure:Powder boxApplicable device type:Laser printer all-in-one printer


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